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It is with great regret that the Rose Festival Board of Directors have made the difficult decision to cancel this year’s Jackson County Rose Festival Parade.  Our long standing tradition of having the Rose Parade on the first Sunday of June will be interrupted this year to help our community heal and recover from the effects of the Corona Virus.  As most people in Jackson county know we need social distancing, and the parade does not conform with this.  The festival board is doing our part to promote the correct way to help handle this virus.  We will be bringing back the parade next year in 2021 and hope that we can count on all the people in our community will be a part of the parade and or come and watch our great local tradition.  In addition we would like to remind people that we are monitoring the situation and we will be announcing the plans for the RoseQueen Pageant, which is currently scheduled for the beginning of August.  Based on the situation we will make the safest decision regarding that event.


For additional details or questions please contact Jim Francis at 517-474-0093 or

Welcome to the Jackson County Rose Festival, the premiere community event

 of Jackson, Michigan.  Now in our 61st year, the Jackson County Rose Festival celebrates The Rose City.  Known for its abundant and beautiful parks, lakes and waterways,  recreational resources and of course roses, Jackson celebrates heritage and history.   For decades, Ella Sharp Park, community and residential gardens have cultivated the rose.  In 1931, the rose was chosen as the official flower of Jackson and we became known as “The Rose City”.  In 1958,  The Jackson County Rose Festival was inaugurated with The Jackson County Rose Parade, followed by The Jackson County RoseQueen Pageant in 1960.  Over the years, various Rose Festival events complement the Parade and Pageant.    Enjoy the beauty of Jackson, the rose and The Jackson County Rose Festival!

Rose Festival Events

Rose Parade

Rose Parade

The Jackson County Rose Parade will be held Sunday, June 2, 2019, presented by Art Moehn Chevrolet.  The theme for the 2019 Festival and Parade is “Rockin’ to the 80’s!”.


Jackson County Teen USA Pageant

Jackson County Teen USA Pageant

The 2019 Miss Jackson County Teen USA Pageant was held on Friday, August 9, 2019 at the Western Community Arts Center.  Congratulations to 2019 Miss Jackson County Teen USA Pageant Winner PIPER BOULTER!

RoseQueen Pageant

RoseQueen Pageant

The 2019 Jackson County RoseQueen Scholarship Pageant will be held on Saturday, August 10, 2019 at the Western Community Arts Center.  Congratulations to 2018 Miss Jackson County RoseQueen Jennifer Holubowicz!

Rose Festival News

2019 RoseQueen Candidates Announced

Photo:  2019 Jackson County RoseQueen Scholarship Pageant Candidates.  Photo by Official Pageant Photographer, Rod Soat, Rod Soat Photography. The Miss Jackson County RoseQueen Scholarship Pageant has announced the candidates who…

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